New 2020 Coin design Available; Celebrating the Legacy of the 2020 Arctic Winter Games

The Yukon Mint™

2020 gold and silver coin designs, unveiled today, incorporating the art of Yukon artist Brian Walker, with his original art work proudly serving as the cauldron for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games which were to be held in Whitehorse, Yukon in March 2020 and cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The coins also celebrate the Arctic Winter Games through the release of the first silver coin produced by the Yukon Mint, which will also proudly bear the logo of the Arctic Winter Games.

A photo of the original artwork can be seen at: (photo credit: Archbould Photography)

The story of Canadian gold coins dates back to the Klondike Gold Rush.

In 1853, Canada adopted the gold standard as a monetary system and this standard helped develop a growing interest in minting gold at a Canadian mint.  Canadian miners later lobbied for domestic refining capabilities because they were often forced to sell their gold to the United States.  The idea for a Canadian Mint and Canadian gold coins was put on hold until the late 1890s, when a major gold rush in Yukon's Klondike region brought an awareness of gold mining to the forefront of Canadian consciousness, and fueled Canadian's dreams of mineral wealth. These first gold coins struck by the Royal Canadian Mint (then called the Ottawa Mint) were Canadian in almost every aspect, from raw material to design. The coins were composed of Canadian gold, approximately 90% of it from the Klondike region.

The story of Yukon gold coins starts with the Yukon Mint™.

The Yukon Mint™ is focused on creating gold coins that will be Yukon in almost every aspect, from raw material to design.

The Yukon Mint™ works in partnership with First Nation and other governments, corporations and organizations to ensure local communities benefit from Yukon mining and exploration projects. A percentage of the net profits from the sale of the gold coins will be shared with the Kaska Nation.

The Yukon Mint™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Predator Mining Corp. and the gold used to create the coins is from the Golden Predator’s 3 Aces Project bulk sampling program. The bulk sample material is processed at Golden Predator’s test facility in the Yukon using water and gravity only, without the use of chemicals.

For more information on Golden Predator Mining, please see

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