WINNER – YUKON GOLD COIN: Aha ta Da (Eagle Man)  - a carving by Carver Gord Peter

Aha ta Da is an original bison skull carving created from materials found near Gord’s cabin near the Ketza River. The carving represents the wolf and crow clans of the Kaska Dena giving thanks to the land and Creator. The Kaska people are forever intertwined and connected to land that has sustained them for many generations. The original carving is held in a private collection.

About Gordon Peter

GORD PETER of Kaska heritage and has been carving since the early 1980’s - learning the art from Elder Mac Peter, Charlie Dick and other Kaska carvers that are still continuing the tradition.  Gord’s work includes a seven foot marble memorial of Dena Cho, founders of the Anvil Mine, a moose antler mask for the 2008 Canada Winter games and many pieces in private collections. His preferred materials for carving include moose antlers, marble, birch and ivory.  Gord lives in Ross River, Yukon with his wife Rose.


To recognize Yukon art and the Yukon, the Yukon Mint™  Corporation has approved the minting of a Yukon Gold Coin and is seeking proposals from Yukon artists to design the front (obverse) side of a gold coin.

This contest is open to all Yukon residents and offers artists the opportunity to recognize the Yukon culture, history and the land by presenting the  design for the front side of a coin design which represents a complicated subject on a very small palette.  Although the design will begin as a drawing, artists must think 3-dimensionally and consider that the coins may be produced in different sizes.

This will be an ongoing series of gold coins with annual contests. The gold coins will be minted in a variety of sizes that could range from ¼ ounce to 5 ounces.  From the drawings submitted by artists, the Yukon Mint™  will work with a qualified mint to transform the winning submission into a 3-dimensional coin. The reverse side of the Yukon will represent the Klondike Gold Rush Stampeders, an iconic Yukon image.


The Contest is open to all Yukon residents.  Artists that are below the age of 19 years as at the submission date, must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the contest application form and the Rights Transfer Agreement, otherwise the submission will not be accepted.


One Grand Prize will be awarded to include $500 and a single 1 ounce gold coin, which will include the artists initials. Cash equivalent will be considered.

Runner Up Awards - $500 each. In the event the Yukon Mint™  decides to use the runner up designs for a coin design the runner up entrant will be announced and awarded a single 1 ounce gold coin as described for the Grand Prize, or equivalent.

The Grand Prize and Runner Up Submissions will become the property of the Yukon Mint™.  All other submissions will be returned to the artists.